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Update on Nua Healthcare Services Caregiver Empowerment Programme

Nua Healthcare's Multidisciplinary Team is thrilled to bring you the latest developments from our Caregiver Empowerment Programme. This initiative, which is at the heart of our mission to support individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges, has advanced significantly since it began in April 2023. Our aim has always been to empower caregivers and families by nurturing a sense of empowerment, agency, and self-confidence. We're delighted to outline this impactful programme's progress and future plans.

In September 2023, we introduced a series of informative webinars, beginning a new chapter for the Caregiver Empowerment Programme. These sessions have been carefully crafted to provide caregivers with essential knowledge, highlight areas of adaptive functioning that may need extra support or evaluation, and offer practical advice for addressing these challenges.

We plan to consistently add more content and resources throughout 2024 and 2025. This effort marks a significant stride towards enhancing the caregiving experience and improving the lives of those we support. To learn more about the Caregiver Empowerment Programme, please sign up here.


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