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Nua Health Care

Our Commitment to Quality

Leadership, Governance and Management

Notwithstanding legislative and best practice business process requirement; Nua’s approach to Leadership, Governance and Management has always been one of simplistic process design and good two-way communication throughout the organisational structure.

Our policies and standardised ways of working facilitate the effective collection, analysis and communication of Quality, Safety, Operational and Clinical KPI’s from team member to team member, at predetermined daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

Our teams are clear on What, Why and When they do each job-specific task and every staff member is supported through an empowered line management structure, who use a ‘Plan, Do, Check Act’, approach towards problem solving and thereafter, communicate any serious matters through the appropriate forums right up to Board of Director level.



Our Quality Performance

Compliance with National Standards and associated Acts and Regulation is of paramount importance to Nua Healthcare Services. We understand the importance of adherence to same, in the pursuit of excellence in service delivery. Therefore, we place a high emphasis on the design, implementation and audit of our ways of working and as necessary, the timely fulfilment of corrective action plans and sharing of knowledge across our service.

Nua’s commitment to Quality includes a dedicated Quality Assurance Team who fulfil on average, 6 audits per service, per year, which are either triggered by policy/regulatory schedule or negative performances against quality KPI’s.


We fulfil:

  • Announced and unannounced audits;
  • Admission compliance audits and;
  • Service User finance audits

We use online quality auditing and planning software to:

  • Set and communicate clear quality and safety policy;
  • Monitor compliance;
  • Generate corrective action plans;
  • Report on performance;

We communicate through the following forums:

  • Quality and safety performance initiative
  • Dedicated centre specific safety representatives
  • Quality is part of standard agenda for team meetings
  • Serious quality and safety concerns are escalated through line management as and when they occur and reported upon in more detail at weekly senior management Governance meetings
  • Quality results are discussed at bi-weekly Quality and Safety Meetings and both good and bad service-wide performance is presented at monthly Clinical Governance Committee meetings prior to summary report being provided by the Chair of the Clinical Governance Committee to the Board of Directors.

The following data demonstrates Nua's commitment to quality. Individual service reports can be freely obtained at all times through the HIQA or MHC websites.


My son is autistic and is cared for by Nua Healthcare in Kildare. This is an incredible organisation with wonderful and amazing people, who provide a vital service for those who cannot care for themselves. I personally want to say 'thank you' and i would urge others to find out more about them, and support them".