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Caregiver Empowerment Programme

We are delighted to introduce our Caregiver Empowerment Programme, a Nua Healthcare Services Community Support Initiative.

This programme, which is free of charge, will help caregivers of all skill levels and experience by providing them with valuable information and associated practical resources on a myriad of topics covering intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions and challenging behaviours.

At Nua Healthcare Services, we believe in living our Mission, Vision, and Values; in doing so, we work tirelessly towards improving the overall quality of life for the people within our services.

The Caregiver Empowerment Programme has really helped me understand my son's recent diagnosis of ASD. From accessing these webinars over the past few months, I am learning more each day around how my child may be feeling and how best to respond to each scenario. It has been so helpful. Thank you to Nua for making this fantastic resource available to people like me.

This programme by Nua Healthcare Services includes valuable contributions from its multidisciplinary team, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced clinical professionals working within specialist areas of Psychiatry, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Behaviour Therapy.

The Caregiver Empowerment Programme represents a standard of social good to which we all should aspire and improve upon for the benefit of our collective communities.

To access the Caregiver Empowerment Programme, please sign up or login below.

The Caregiver Empowerment Programme  intends to support some of our most vulnerable citizens, and specifically their caregivers, by providing free access to insightful modules, webinars and resources written in simple English. These resources are made accessible through a bespoke online learning management system, which will help caregivers retain their personal training, completion certificates, and practical resources content.

It is hoped that the programme will be received as a valuable additional resource by the many talented healthcare professionals who work in our national healthcare system.  The programme aims to empower them with the knowledge that the Nua Healthcare Services' Caregiver Empowerment Programme exists and can be accessed in the interim period by those in need, whilst awaiting further supports from their local healthcare system.

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