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Professional Development

At Nua Healthcare Services, we prioritise the continuous training and development of our staff to ensure they can effectively facilitate our Mission, Vision, and Values while meeting the diverse needs of our individuals. Our training programmes encompass five key categories, including new hire induction, mandatory/regulatory training, on-the-job certification, continuous professional development, and tuition/employee educational programmes.

We exceed regulatory training requirements by offering a comprehensive suite of CPD courses aimed at further enhancing skills and competencies. Additionally, we provide a tailored Management Development Programme to support staff in advancing to higher management roles and maximising their performance. Through our Education Assistance Programme, employees can request financial support for further education.

We value team member feedback and actively seek their input through various forums to continually improve our training and development initiatives. By measuring staff competencies from recruitment to career progression, we identify training needs and develop focused, competency-based CPD programmes.

Our approach to staff training serves as a pathway for career-oriented individuals to progress within our organisation. We aim to retain our team members by providing opportunities for growth and development, ultimately benefiting both our team members and our individuals.


If you are interested in joining our team or learning more about our current roles, please check out our latest vacancies page or get in touch with our recruitment team. We look forward to welcoming you to our service.

I joined Nua Healthcare Services in 2022, initially through its Educate to Employ Programme, and having received additional training after successfully completing the programme, I now work as an Assistant Support Worker and have hopes to further progress my career with Nua Healthcare Services in the future.  
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