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Diversity and Inclusion

In accordance with the Mission, Vision, and Values of Nua Healthcare Services, we are committed to promoting and contributing to a positive working environment characterised by trust, respect, and acceptance.

At Nua, we celebrate the individuality of both our employees and those who avail of our services. We take pride in being a diverse and inclusive workplace that acknowledges, encourages, and values everyone.

Nua Healthcare Services is culturally aware and is committed to protecting and promoting equality.  We recognise and object to, the existence of societal discrimination in all its forms, and therefore, we lead by example and take responsibility for creating a better service for everyone.

We encourage team members to pursue their careers with us in the knowledge that, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, religion, disability or ethnicity, each team member is treated equally and is entitled to the same opportunities and benefits as their peer, so that their hard work and personal commitment to Nua, ultimately leads them to better their lives, and by connection, the lives of their families.

Nua has established a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion group that convenes monthly to discuss opportunities for service improvement within the diversity and inclusion framework. The group comprises representatives from across the organisation, many of whom represent specific diverse groups, and therefore, can speak with expertise to the uniqueness of modern life experience.

To read our full policy on Diversity and Inclusion, please click here. 

Gender Pay Gap Report 

At Nua Healthcare Services, we place great emphasis on ensuring gender pay equity and fostering a workplace environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. We take pride in being an inclusive and respectful workplace that values and respects every team member, regardless of their background.

Our workforce comprises individuals from all backgrounds, and we actively lead by example in creating a better workplace for all. We hold ourselves accountable for providing equal treatment, opportunities, and benefits to every team member. We encourage our employees to build their careers with us, knowing that they will receive fair and equitable treatment, paving the way for new opportunities based on their hard work and dedication.

Looking ahead, we will continue to support transparency and focus on equality of genders while continuing to review rates of pay on an ongoing basis to ensure rates are competitive in the market.

To read our full gender pay gap report, please click here.  

Abbey Blooms Botanical Gardens

A Nua Healthcare Services Community Inclusion Initiative.

In August 2021, we opened Abbey Blooms Botanical Gardens, a Nua Healthcare Services Community Inclusion Initiative. Situated just outside the rural village of Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath, these stunning gardens offer a tranquil place for visitors to relax, connect with others, and truly appreciate the magnificent display of specimen trees and flowering plants.

Abbey Blooms Botanical Gardens was established to reinvigorate community spirit, to break down typical societal misconceptions held towards others, and to do so in partnership between people from all backgrounds, all ages and with all abilities. These gardens offer employment opportunities to people from all walks of life and of all ability levels who work alongside their peers on an equal basis and contributes to the success of the gardens. It also runs 12-week internship programmes for individuals with a keen interest in gardening, maintenance, café operations and event management.

The Caregiver Empowerment Programme, A Nua Healthcare Services Community Inclusion Initiative

In 2023, we introduced the Caregiver Empowerment Programme (CEP), another Nua Healthcare Services community support initiative.

The initiative intends to support some of our most vulnerable citizens, and specifically their caregivers, through providing free access to insightful modules, webinars and resources which have been written in simple English. Content is made accessible through a bespoke online learning management system, which will help caregivers retain their personal training, completion certificates and practical resources content.

The CEP is free to all caregivers and provides information on various topics such as Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, Mental Health Difficulties in Children and Adolescents, Mental Health Difficulties in Adults, and Self-Care for the Caregiver.

The CEP represents a standard of social good against which we all should aspire to and improve upon for the benefit of our collective communities. To sign up the CEP, please click here.

Named by a local primary school student, the spectacular gardens are open seven days a week and have been transformed by Nua Healthcare Services to bring the local community and its visitors together in a safe open-air environment amidst hundreds of specimen flora displayed in carefully laid-out bedding areas. Meandering pathways allow easy access, and a magnificent geodome with a locally sourced limestone water feature complements the scenery. The gardens also feature strategically placed gazebos offering sheltered seating areas for visitors to relax and enjoy a coffee from the well-appointed Garden Café.

“We are extremely grateful to the communities we work with, who have embraced the individuals in our services as well as similar services to ours across the country. This community inclusion initiative provides us, and indeed, our sector, with a unique opportunity to demonstrate what can be achieved if we support each other, if we allow people with disabilities and or mental health challenges to showcase their unique abilities, to meaningfully take their place in our communities. These gardens are but one example of all that is good and that can be achieved when we work in partnership". Noel Dunne, Chief Executive Officer. 


To watch the introductory video of Abbey Blooms Botanical Gardens, please click here or to read more about Abbey Blooms Botanical Gardens, please visit the website here.

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