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Value for Money

Nua Healthcare Services, delivering high-quality care and support services since 2004.

Nua has a long-standing tradition of delivering high-quality, person-centred care. Our services are shaped by regulations, standards, and international best practices, all of which are embodied within our Mission, Vision, and Values. Every team member strives not only to do a great job but also to contribute to continuously improving our services so that together, we may better support and facilitate the changing needs of every adult and child in our services throughout their individual Care Pathway journey.

Nua believes in the principle of Value for Money and that this is best achieved by maintaining the integrity and continuity of support across the Care Pathway—and in doing so—minimising the Whole Life Costs associated with need.

So, what does 'Value for Money' mean?


'Value for Money' in the healthcare sector is often measured through a combination of “Quality and Cost”. Nua’s model extends this to include “Safety”, taking into consideration the varied and complex care requirements of the individuals we support. Nua is cognisant of 'Value for Money' principles and focuses its efforts on:   


  • Doing the right thing: That is, spending money to achieve the right objectives.  

  • Doing it right: That is, spending money as efficiently and as effectively as possible, avoiding waste.

So, what does 'Whole Life Cost' mean?


'Whole Life Cost' refers to all costs associated with a service, from its initial design and development through to its eventual cessation of use. Nua believes in maintaining the continuity of care for each person as a means of avoiding taking two steps forward and one step back as much as possible. This approach enables a smoother transition through one’s own care pathway journey, achieving better outcomes, and progressing more efficiently and sustainably towards greater independence.

Nua’s 'Whole Life Cost' fall into three easily understood stages, as illustrated in the visual below.

Nua Healthcare Services stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and person-centred care, setting a very high standard that positively impacts the lives of those it serves.
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