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Introducing CLaD Hubs: Nua Healthcare's Innovative Approach to Continuous Learning and Development

At Nua Healthcare Services, we are committed to evolving our services to better meet the needs of those we support. Our recent review of what used to be our Day Services led to the exciting launch of CLaD Hubs. Standing for Continuous Learning and Development, these Hubs encapsulate our commitment to equipping individuals with greater knowledge, education, and social skills to help them go into the world with confidence.

Each CLaD Hub will offer an updated curriculum, co-designed by our multidisciplinary team and social care professionals, ensuring a bespoke learning experience. From standardized courses to extracurricular activities and social inclusion opportunities, the CLaD Hubs are more than just learning centres; they are gateways to a fuller, more engaging life.

Here's a glimpse into each CLaD Hub's unique focus:

CLaD Hub Multyfarnham (also known as Abbey Blooms Botanical Garden & Café) will continue to operate as a botanical garden, open to the public all year round, offering employment opportunities for people with ID and/or MH conditions. As a CLaD Hub, it will now also provide up to twelve internship opportunities in gardening, maintenance, café, and event management each year. These internships will last up to three months at a time, and we hope they will afford the interns invaluable experience to help them pursue their careers.

CLaD Hub Kilcullen, formerly Chapel View, is a Facilitator-led CLaD Hub that incorporates a classroom, a separate canteen/social space, and a series of polytunnels for cultivating plants for use and sale in Abbey Blooms and, indeed, across our services.

CLaD Hub Laois, formerly Fairgreen, will focus on building networks across other services and organizing educational and social development travel opportunities. We hope to facilitate national and international travel to introduce participants to different cultures and build friendships outside of Nua Healthcare Services.

CLaD Hub Little Island will specialise in restoring and curating horse-drawn carriages and period farm equipment. Just as within CLaD Hub Multyfarnham, this CLaD Hub will also provide up to six internship opportunities in general restoration and exhibition curating each year. These internships will last up to three months at a time, and we hope they will afford the interns invaluable experience to help them pursue their careers.

Lastly, and with great excitement, we have begun developing a new Mobile CLaD Hub and expect to receive delivery later this year. This unique CLaD Hub will allow us to set up in places of interest and natural beauty. Once the class ends, participants can enjoy their surroundings, socialize, and make new friends. CLaD Hubs' aim is simple: to help individuals realize their personal goals and enjoy a respectful, dignified service. Participation is always a personal choice, with some individuals requiring assistance in decision-making. Whether engaging in a series of courses, enjoying extracurricular activities, or simply socialising, the Hubs are open to all within and outside of Nua. The CLaD Hub facilitators have been undergoing a significant training programme, and we eagerly anticipate the official launch of the first of our new CLaD Hubs in April.

Watch this space for more on this exciting development.


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