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Nua Healthcare Services Opens a Brand New Garden for its Residents in Teach Folláine

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the new garden at Teach Folláine in Kilcullen, a serene sanctuary masterfully designed by our Head Gardener, Karl Dignam. This beautiful space, nestled at the back of Teach Folláine, offers residents a tranquil setting for relaxation in its spacious gazebo and benched seating areas.  It even includes raised beds for individuals to cultivate their own flowers and vegetables and nice walkways between bedding.

The garden's creation began with a collaborative effort between Karl and the residents of Teach Folláine. They explored a variety of garden designs, ranging from formal contemporary layouts, to cottage, Japanese, and Mediterranean styles. After reviewing various plants and trees and discussing their colours and textures through pictures and examples, the residents chose a modern Japanese-style garden. This design features a private, sheltered area for meeting friends and family alongside dedicated spaces for growing produce.

For their garden, the residents selected plants that would offer vibrant shades of red throughout the year, such as Cherry Blossom trees, Mountain Ash, and Euonymus Compactus Alatus. They also emphasised the importance of year-round interest, incorporating bamboo and evergreen specimens into their plan.

Once the design was finalised, the groundwork began. Despite choosing what turned out to be the wettest two weeks for construction, Mark McAuley and his team from Celtic Macadam worked tirelessly to bring the garden to life.

The project culminated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Dr. Matthew Patrick, Chairman of the Board, and Alan Rosenbach, Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Clinical Governance Committee. 

We look forward to seeing how the garden flourishes over the summer months!


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