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"Nua is a fast paced and rewarding company to work for. Residents rights are at the heart of everything they do. The residents are well supported and very well cared for" - Social Care Worker, Nua Healthcare. 28th June 2021

"Nua has great opportunities and is a progressive organisation. There is a residents first approach and they are always looking to improve the service and staff experience" - Deputy Team Leader, Nua Healthcare. 24th May 2021

"Fantastic working with Service Users, great to have a positive impact on young peoples lives. It is great to be part of a team and support is always offered where needed" - Frontline staff member, Nua Healthcare. 10th March 2021

"Nua is a rewarding and exciting company to work for. Management are supportive and there is plenty of scope to develop and progress" - Head Office employee, Nua Healthcare. 29th Jan 2021 

"Nua is a nice company to work for. They have a great ethos in relation to caring for people with Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities. There is a great management system with plenty of support and there is huge potential for advancement within the company" - Social Care Worker, Nua Healthcare. 2nd July 2020





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Working for Nua has given me so many opportunities both in personal and professional life. It is a very rewarding career path as I dont feel like I'm coming into work. Seeing how people's lives can be changed for the better makes me so happy and there is a real sense of team spirit and support in Nua, right from my house manager through to office management and the executive teams. I'm grateful for my job and for what Nua does.

I started in Nua back in 2013 as a relief staff and since then I have completed my qualification and have become a full-time frontline Social Care Worker.  I have found Nua to be extremely supportive and encouraging of my own goals as well as those of the people we care for. In my experience, the spirit of Nua is being part of a team of dedicated and caring people who work collaboratively towards one goal - the service user.  I have worked in 5 houses and can say that this is something I have seen daily, right from my frontline colleagues, to PIC's and the Senior Management.

Nua is a great place to work, the people are helpful and caring, my house team are enthusiastic and encouraging and really supportive of the service users and each other. I thoroughly enjoy working for Nua and would recommend it to any of my friends.