Posted on: 11 Oct 2019

SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS: Nua Achieves Renewed CARF Accreditation

Nua Achieves Renewed CARF Accreditation

Nua Healthcare is proud to announce renewed international accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), having achieved an outstanding 96.5% conformance against 1,630 standards applied during its recent survey.

 “This achievement is an indication of Nua Healthcare’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served”.  [Brian Boon, President/CEO – CARF]

Achieving CARF accreditation involves demonstrating conformance against CARF standards, evidenced through observable practices, verifiable results over time, and comprehensive supporting documentation.

Nua’s CARF Accreditation extends through to August 2022 and applies to the following areas;

  • Behavioural Consultation Services                                             
  • Community Housing
  • Community Integration
  • Inpatient Treatment: Mental Health (Adults)

Nua’s re-accreditation process consisted of confidential interviews and direct interactions; direct observations of operations and service delivery practices; observation at all locations where services are delivered and review of all organisational documentation such as policies and procedures, promotional material, governing documents and others as deemed necessary to determine conformance to standards.

Some extracts from Nua’s CARF report;

  • “Nua is complimented for its commitment to provide services for a very difficult population that otherwise would have nowhere else to go except institutional care. To provide these hyper-cautious, individually designed, and intensive supports, the organisation has committed tremendous resources and developed an extraordinary team of educated and enthusiastic staff”.
  • “The continued expansion of the organisation is a reflection of strong leadership and strategic planning that honours the needs of multiple stakeholders, who express strong satisfaction with overall services”.
  • “Nua is acknowledged for its efforts to meet the unique needs of its service users. Extensive assessments are completed to determine the best environment and supports needed for each person, and extensive transition plans are developed and implemented. The commitment to standalone cottages/apartments at some centre's demonstrates this”.
  • “Employees of Nua are and feel very supported by the leaders of the organisation. As a result, the staff are committed and enthusiastic about the work they do each day”.
  • “The focus on a person-centred approach is evident throughout Nua’s services. Resources and materials are adapted to meet service users where they are at so they can take control of and make information choices about their daily activities and the outcomes they want to pursue”.
  • “Stakeholders, including employees, service users, community members, and parents and guardians, were very positive about the organisation. They cited excellent open communication, emphasis on choice, rights and desires of individuals, as well as the health and safety of the service users as things they appreciated about Nua”.
  • “Nua does an excellent job of organising services between its programmes so that there is continuity between implementing personal plan strategies and providing the service users with a variety of avenues to work on goals. This also provides the service users with multiple opportunities to socialise and participate in leisure activities with their peers as well as other members of their communities”.
  • “Staff members throughout the organisation appear competent, skilled, and exceptionally person-centred in their work. Throughout the survey, teamwork, effective communication, and consistently caring and positive attitudes were observed”.
  • “Nua is recognised for its stalwart endeavours to create individualised and extensive supports for persons with difficult challenges, fostering momentous repatriation of Irish citizens who were receiving these specialised services in other Countries”.  
  • During the re-accreditation process, surveyors also identified some quality improvement initiatives to include; the introduction of an easy-to-access document on the reporting procedures for violations of ethical codes of conduct; the recommended implementation of written procedures to guide personnel in responding to subpoenas, search warrants, investigations, or other legal actions. Surveyors also recommending an update of written emergency procedures to include medical emergencies or other threatening situations, and that general emergency procedures be available in service vehicles. An annual test of the organisation’s procedures for business continuity / disaster recovery was also recommended.

To read the full report, please follow this link 

About CARF

CARF is an independent, non-profit accreditor of health and human services, enhancing the lives of persons served worldwide.

The accreditation process applies CARF’s internationally recognised standards during an on-site survey conducted by per surveyors. Accreditation is an ongoing process that distinguishes a provider’s service delivery and signals to the public that the provider is committed to continuous performance improvement, responsive to feedback, and accountable to the community and its other stakeholders.