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Educate to Employ

Nua Healthcare Services has a number of rewarding career opportunities available across Ireland and has recently launched a brand new 'educate to employ' programme which is open to everyone, including those who have not worked in the healthcare sector before.

The initiative is aimed at educating and informing participants about the sector we operate within and the various regulations and standards we must comply with. This is particularly important if you are considering a new career in healthcare.

The initiative is especially attractive to people with a keen interest in making a positive contribution to their communities, and those who enjoy helping others. The healthcare industry is incredibly rewarding and our team takes great pride in making true differences in the lives of the people we are so priviledged to support.


How does it work?

  • Firstly, you should contact our Recruitment team to express your interest to engage in the 'educate to employ' programme.
  • Our Recruitment team will inform you of the next steps required for enrollment.
  • Once enrolled, you will be advised of a date and location to participate in Nua's 'educate to employ' programme. The programme is held at various locations around the country and also online.
  • Upon successful completion, you will be offered a contact of employment with an induction commencement date and job placement details.


Why Should I Apply?

Since Covid-19 hit Irish shores in March 2020, we have experienced lots of changes in our environment and indeed in our daily lives, some of which have been more sizable than others. Some people have been out of work and have since returned, while others - through no fault of their own - have remained on the pandemic unemployment payment and its simply not providing the financial stability you require.

For an array of reasons, people are now considering change more than ever before.

Perhaps you have spent years working in other sectors such as retail or hospitality and would now simply like to change career path.

Maybe you have worked in a different healthcare setting or frontline role, and would like to explore other opportunities whilst expanding your skills and experience.

Perhaps you are unemployed and feel that you could contribute positively to others.

Nua Healthcare is an equal opportunities employer and is very aware of the changing world in which we all live, and therefore, the need to provide all new applicants with the appropriate assistance so that they may be successful in what is a very exciting time in their lives, having made the decision to pursue a new career path with us.


Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about the 'educate to employ' programme, or you wuold like to enrol, please contact our Recruitment team by email:


"This is a wonderful new initiative from Nua Healthcare. The training is comprehensive, informative and insightful. The team are encouraging, supportive and it is well worth participating in. I cannot wait to get started in my new career".