Nua Healthcare

Staff Training & Development

At Nua Healthcare we believe a core reason for success stems from the approach of continually training and developing staff teams so that they may facilitate our Mission, Vision and Values and meet the needs of each of our Service Users.

Training within Nua Healthcare is classified into five distinct categories as outlined below;

  • New Hire Induction
  • Mandatory / Regulatory Training
  • On-the-Job Training / Certification
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Tuition / Employee Educational Programme

We strive to deliver and maintain best practice services and recognise the need to invest in our people. Nua is fully committed to ensuring all team members, irrespective of role and location, are provided with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to enable them to perform their work effectively.

We meet all regulatory-driven training requirements and then exceed expectation through the provision of a suite of relevant CPD training courses. These courses are focused on further developing existing skills and increasing competencies to meet the varied and sometimes, complex needs of our Service Users. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also offer a tailored Management Development Programme which supports team members in their existing roles to progress to the next level of Management and to maximise their management skills and performance. Furthermore, we offer staff access to a flexible Educational Assistance Programme, within which team members can request financial support with the next level in their educational development.

Nua cares about and values each of our staff member’s views and opinions, and through a number of regular forums and support structures, we actively seek out their observations and ideas on improving future training and development.

Nua is a healthy and continually expanding service and in order to keep up with the demands upon our human resources, we measure staff competencies from interview stage right throughout their careers, ensuring that we identify any training needs and build focused, competency-based continuous professional development programmes for our people. 

Nua’s approach towards staff training and development through continuous professional development, serves as a pathway for our career orientated staff to progress through our organisational structure.  It is our ultimate aim to retain as many staff in our service as possible, so that their contributions will benefit their peers and ultimately, our Service Users.  We aim to motivate and inspire our staff, to identify talent and to develop our future leaders.     

If you would like an opportunity to become part of our team or you would like to find out more about our current roles, please visit the 'Getting in Touch' page for further information. We look forward to welcoming you to our Service!

The training offered to staff is Nua is fantastic. As a company, they are very focused on developing their staff and really encourage career progression. I started working in Nua in 2010 as a member of the frontline. In 2013 I undertook a variety of training courses, online and offline and now in 2019, I work in a Management position.

Nua is a learning environment, dedicated to expanding the skills and knowledge of its staff members at all levels. The staff development initiatives are routinely sought out and implemented with the support and encouragement of the organisation's leadership. Professional development is a priority at Nua. [CARF Accreditation Team]