Nua Healthcare

Introductions to Nua

Chairman’s Statement

As the Chairman of the Board, it is a great source of pride for me to be part of a dynamic and continually improving organisation such as Nua, which puts the people who use our services at the heart of everything we do.

Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we have developed services in partnership with many dedicated and caring individuals including allied health professionals; the HSE; TUSLA; National Health Service representatives; regulators; families; advocates; co-workers and indeed, the wonderful men, women and children who avail of our diverse range of services on a daily basis.

We hope the website will provide further insight into the scope of our services and that it outlines some key quality performance data which can only be achieved through dedicated, organised people working towards a shared objective - to be the best at what they do.

Welcome to our website!

Dr. Matthew Patrick
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Chairman of Clinical Governance Committee's Statement

As the chair of the Clinical Governance Committee it is a privilege to be part of Nua. We are proud to be part of the care and support system in Ireland and to work openly and transparently with the people we serve, their families, regulators and commissioners. At Nua we support a myriad of people to live a full and independent life for themselves. We support families to make sure that they too play a role in helping their relatives maximise opportunities for independence, choice and control over their lives.

We have a relentless focus on improving the personalised quality and safety of care and this is reflected in our sector leading quality outcomes. We are an organisation that is focussed on a programme of continuous improvement. We value the contributions of all our stakeholders in helping us to understand where to set our priorities and how to measure impact. The views of the people we support their relatives and our staff are vital in providing the insights for improvement. We are proud that in 2018/19 all our published HIQA reports reached a level of 100% compliance through ratings of “Compliant” or “Substantially Compliant”. 

With the stability that comes from sector leading approaches to high quality care and support we are well placed to respond to the changing needs of individuals and their families. Whilst we are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved through listening and learning, there is no room for complacency. We know that care and support can go wrong and we have an ambitious programme for further improvements in what we do and how we deliver this for the people we support.

Alan Rosenbach
Chair of the Clinical Governance Committee


Chief Executive Officer’s Statement

On behalf of the men and women who facilitate and deliver our services, and indeed, the men, women and children who avail of our services, it is my great honour to represent Nua Healthcare Services as Chief Executive Officer. 

This website is intended to provide you with the necessary initial information required when considering the best short, medium and / or long-term services to meet the needs of your client / family member or relative.  

Nua Healthcare has been delivering care and support to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities for over a decade and a half. Throughout this time, we have listened intently to you all and shaped our services to meet a myriad of changing needs, whilst adhering to legislation; aspiring to achieve, and where possible, improving upon international best practice standards.  

It is our intention to continue striving for service excellence; responding to specific care and support needs for each of our Service Users, whilst continuing to do our best to support you through the sometimes difficult, but always rewarding, journey.

Welcome to Nua Healthcare Services  

Noel Dunne
Chief Executive Officer


Chairperson of the Service User Committee's Statement

The Service User Committee has many different roles within Nua. We meet regularly as a group to discuss ways through which we can improve services for ourselves and others and we try to always come up with fun ways to become more involved in the communities we live in.

A big part of our role has always been to advocate for each other, to promote the good things about our service and to help more Service Users engage in their communities. We take our Committee very seriously and enjoy meeting and telling new people about where we live, our friends, our hobbies, our work and our dreams.

Welcome to our Services.

Shane Doyle
Chairperson of the Service User Committee


Nua staff were the first people to teach our brother how to cope with and recognise his own challenging behaviour. They have given him the tools he needed, and like us, they praise him for how well he is doing. We are grateful to the team at Nua for this.