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Service Types

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery

In 2018, Nua Healthcare expanded into providing specialist Mental Health Services, opening a brand new, state-of-the-art Approved Centre in County Cork. As our first Approved Centre registered with the Mental Health Commission, this residential service was specifically adapted to cater for individuals with a Mental Health diagnosis. Nua’s Mental Health services recognise the unique recovery journey each individual we support makes, and therefore, we approach rehabilitation by adopting the Wellness Recovery Action Planning, which focuses on delivering recovery-focused outcomes.

A person’s ‘recovery’ is an extremely individual and personal journey.  As such, we design and deliver our mental health services in a highly personalised way.  This means that we can cater for quite a large range of conditions as we recognise that people don’t usually fall neatly into one diagnostic box.  Our Approved Centre [Specialist Rehabilitation Unit / SRU] is therefore able to care for and support people with a range of needs that include:

  • Co-morbid mental health care needs and intellectual disabilities
  • Acute mental health care needs
  • Longer term mental health care needs
  • Forensic rehabilitation and recovery
  • Psychiatry of later life
  • Complex adult mental health care needs
  • Other neurological conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Prader Willi Syndrome & Acquired Brain Injuries

Ultimately, our Approved Centre aims to facilitate and support residents with their individual care plans; the achievement of their goals, dreams and aspirations and to move on from the SRU within a two-year timeframe.  Due to Nua Healthcare’s approach to developing Care Pathways this progression can involve individuals moving on to other Nua support settings and structures which are reflective of the person’s increased levels of independence and the level of recovery that has been achieved.


Therapeutic Interventions and Clinical Services

Individuals have an inherent right to high quality mental and physical health care provision, with both being promoted within our Service.

All aspects of our service provision benefit from having excellent MDT input and we have in-house Psychiatry, Psychology, Specialist Nursing, Dietetic supports, Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Psychotherapy, Social Work interventions and Behavioural Analysis.

Nua realises the importance of tailoring care and treatment to the unique needs of every individual in our care. Every individual, at every stage of their Care Pathway, receives person-centred, strengths based, needs led care and/or treatment.  An Individualised Care Plan underpins the support provided and is regularly reviewed to keep abreast of changing clinical needs and to support rehabilitation and recovery.

We also recognise the interplay between good physical health and good mental health and the need for parity of physical health provision for the individuals we support. In keeping with this belief system, we strongly encourage engagement with local primary and secondary physical healthcare services.

As a service, we also understand the importance of supporting the individuals in our care to foster positive relationships with family and friends as part of their recovery. To this end, we also actively provide family support and liaison.

To download and view Nua's Policy on Restraint Reduction, please click here.


Nua Mental Health Services aim to deliver excellent outcomes for the individuals we care for and support.

We currently operate Approved Centres and Community Based Mental Health Residences.