Posted on: 23 Nov 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Nua Proudly Supports Staff Colms' 100 Challenge

Nua Healthcare proudly supports Colm Skehan, ASW, who takes part in the November 100 Challenge

I am currently working in Nua Healthcare as an Assistant Support Worker in Co. Cork and I thoroughly enjoy this rewarding career. Outside of work, I am involved with the Limerick Treaty for Suicide Prevention, a charitable organisation of volunteers who patrol the bridges and banks of the Shannon River, offering support to those in distress or suffering from suicidal ideation.

The charity was founded in 2018 and started out with just family members volunteering. Each month we see more volunteers joining us to carry out patrols. We currently conducts these 4 nights per week and hopefully in the near future, we will have more volunteers and funding resources to carry out patrols 7 nights per week.

During patrols, volunteers offer comfort and support to individuals with mental health difficulties, particularly to those experiencing suicidal thoughts. 

As we approach Christmas, we are mindful that although festivities are on the way, this is not always an easy for lots of people. Some will be missing loved ones or spending Christmas away from home in other parts of the world. Some may feel apprehensive and pressured, while others will have been looking forward to it for months. Christmas is a busy and important time for the charity. Therefore, to ensure we reach as many people as possible during that time, its not unusual for 10 or 11 volunteers to be on shift each night to support those in need.

The River Shannon takes up a good stretch of Limerick City and you can walk along the banks of it. We have people that patrol on bikes and on foot. Those that are on foot are mainly around the city and then further out and around University Limerick is patrolled by people on bikes.

To help support Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention during the cold winter months I’ve decided to help raise some well needed funds for them. The challenge I have taken up is to run 100 miles in total during the month of November. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and can be made via the link here.

I play rugby for Young Munsters and with training cancelled at the moment due to the Pandemic, I thought that is something I can get involved in and keep me fit and raise money for a good cause.

Most days I try and get out for the run and cover as many miles as I can to reach the 100-mile target. My hope is that this challenge raises awareness and as much money as possible for a worthy cause. Anything that is donated is very much appreciated and it is going towards a great cause. Nua Healthcare have kindly offered to make a donation as well to this worthy cause.

Rugby is very much a big part of my life; I play for Young Munster and we train in Limerick. Due to the Pandemic and lockdown restrictions, training and competing has been on hold until such time as it is possible and safe to return. So, I was happy to take up the Challenge for Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention because it is a way of continuing my fitness up in the downtime. It’s a great club there with some great guys in it. 

I am delighted to be able to take part in this article as it hopefully will raise awareness of the great work that Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention are doing and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Colm Skehan,

Assistant Support Worker, The Towers, Co. Cork