Posted on: 14 Mar 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Nua Healthcare’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Nua Healthcare’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Nua Healthcare’s Executive Management Team would like to thank all stakeholders for their commitment, professionalism and engagement to date in response to coronavirus and the COVID-19 outbreak. We acknowledge that these are difficult and testing times, not only within Nua Healthcare but also nationally and internationally. We would also like to take this opportunity to assure you that Nua Healthcare is taking all necessary control measures and we are following the advices of the Government, the Health Service Executive and all other relevant sources in managing the potential risk associated with COVID-19.

The challenges that we face are unprecedented in our lifetime and it will require a concerted effort by all of us to ensure the health and safety of service users, colleagues and members of the public is promoted to the best of our ability. It is fair to say that our individual and collective efforts over the coming days, weeks and months will save lives. With such a reality (and such a statement) comes great responsibility and we hope that this message helps to convey the very serious way in which we are taking and dealing with the situation.

We believe it is vital during this period that we work collaboratively together, and with all partner agencies and stakeholders, towards a common aim – that is to provide the best possible and safest service to the people we support. We have called upon all colleagues, no matter what their role, to cooperate fully with our service delivery plans, contingency plans, risk assessments and ways of working. The response has been superb to this point. We recognise that the people we support are relying on us more than ever at this time. We also recognise that family members may have concerns about the welfare of their loved ones at this time. For that reason, we are writing to families over the coming days outlining the measures being taken to promote the continued delivery of safe services.

We have established a COVID-19 working group within Nua Healthcare which comprises the Executive Management Team and key personnel from the senior leadership team. This group of people is meeting daily to ensure that as an organisation we are taking the necessary steps and measures to minimise the impact that COVID-19 is having during these unprecedented times. We are doing so by referring to external guidance where appropriate, but we are also taking decisions that are specific to Nua Healthcare and in some cases go beyond those measures being adopted by other bodies. We are doing so in the best interests of all colleagues and of course the people we support. We are also doing so based on the detailed risk assessments that we have undertaken, and which will be kept under constant review.

At times such as this we recognise that good communication is vital. We also recognise though that the situation we find ourselves in is dynamic and fluid. As such, we intend tailoring our communications accordingly, as we recognise that everyone’s focus needs primarily to be on the delivery of frontline services. 

Finally, can we thank you again for your engagement and contribution so far during the COVID-19 outbreak. Through our collective efforts we will ensure that Nua Healthcare’s services are delivered in the best and most effective way possible during these testing times.

Kind regards

Nua Healthcare’s Executive Management Team