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Nua Healthcare Services Proudly Sponsors "Preserving Our Heritage" Documentary.

Nua Healthcare Services proudly sponsored a compelling short documentary titled “Preserving Our Heritage,” which focused on the importance of heritage preservation, in particular, at the Boyne Valley. The documentary not only supported the conservation of our rich cultural legacy but also provided a unique opportunity for two of our residents, Simon and David, to experience a day of filming and what it's like to be on a live set. Both Simon and David, pictured below, have a deep passion for photography, cinematography, and heritage.

The documentary featured an insightful interview with the world-renowned author Anthony Murphy, who discussed the critical importance of preserving sites like Boyne Valley. This area, known for its archaeological wonders and historical significance, reminds us of our shared past and the importance of safeguarding it for future generations. Simon and David’s involvement in the project offered them a first-hand experience of the filmmaking process. Simon shared his enthusiasm, "It was a good opportunity for me. I liked to be involved and help with the camera. The drone was fantastic; it took pictures from the sky, and I got to call 'action'. The environment was really good; everyone was friendly and kind. I feel more comfortable on camera now and feel confident speaking into a mic."

This experience not only allowed Simon to engage with his interests but also boosted his confidence and skills in a new and exciting environment. David's reflections on the experience highlight a different aspect of learning. "I enjoyed watching the film being made; it was a lot different than how I imagined it to be. I found myself being empathetic with the film crew and asked them if they were nervous while trying to capture the correct shots and scenes, it is a lot of work. Although I did enjoy myself, I learned that it is not a job I would like to be doing every day. I had great fun; it's surely an experience I would recommend to people with an interest in filmmaking."

We were delighted to support this short documentary, which enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of heritage preservation, especially in areas as historically rich as the Boyne Valley. Our involvement in this project aligns with our mission to provide care and support and enrich the lives of our residents through meaningful experiences and learning opportunities.


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