Posted on: 22 Jul 2019

SERVICE USER ACHIEVEMENTS: Nua Resident's Experience Job Carving

Nua Resident's Experience Job Carving

Over the past few months, Nua’s Outreach Department have been collaborating with Finlays Garage in Naas on their 'Job Carving' programme. An initial meeting was set up between Paul Dolan (Director in Finlays) and Orla Herrity-Roche (Regional Manager, Nua Day Services & Outreach) to discuss the possibility of some of Nua’s very talented and enthusiastic Service Users going on placement with them. 

Paul and Orla went through the whole process of Outreach; how it works and the benefits to both the Service Users in Nua and also the company providing these placements. Paul was very welcoming of the idea and he also introduced Gerry the supervisor. 

Under Gerry's guidance, Paul from the Willows started on his work placement. Paul got all suited and booted up in his PPE gear and got stuck into valeting cars. Paul enjoyed this immensely and had the cars gleaming! Getting to work on the really fancy cars was the icing on the cake for him. Fair play and well done to Paul from the Willows.  

Next up was Colm who is now supported by Nua’s Supported Living team. Colm had recently completed his pre-employment course and began a 6-week work experience programme with Gerry. Colm worked hard to get this placement and completed travel training with his staff supporters Dara and Shane. Dara attended the placement with Colm and before long Colm had settled into his placement too. Over the 6 weeks Colm learned many skills and not only loved his placement, but found it very rewarding. As Colm said: ‘Everyone wants to do something meaningful in their life, it's what makes you get up!’ Colm has just completed his placement now and is looking forward to further placements to add to his CV.   

Our third young man who did a placement in Finlay’s was Derek from Taliesin. Derek thrives on being busy and is a bit of a workaholic! Derek took to his placement like a true professional. Gerry and Paul reported that they found him  marvelous and a pleasure to have in their company as they did with all of our Service Users. Derek had some experience already as he had worked in other placements, so with the type of skills he had acquired, Helena, our Outreach Officer, whilst doing some provider spot checks, sealed the deal to get Derek part-time paid employment with Finlays! Orla and Paul are now in the process of engaging on the Wage Subsidy Scheme which is a government led initiative to formalise Derek's work in Finlays. Derek is one happy camper! And well deserving of his job. Good luck to Derek and a huge thank you to all in Finlays for taking this leap of faith with Nua!