Posted on: 21 May 2018

SERVICE USER ACHIEVEMENTS: Nua Healthcare Teams Cook up a Storm!!

Nua Healthcare Teams Cook up a Storm!!

Several of Nua Healthcare’s residents made a lasting impression at one of Ireland’s largest and most influential food service events, CATEX. Nua Healthcare residents, Simon Lee, Sophie Cunningham, Shane Doyle and Tina Fee cooked up a storm in the RDS on the 17th of February as these four talented, up and coming chefs took their places in the kitchen at one of Chef Ireland’s top culinary competitions, the “Culinary Ability Awards”. Chefs from all over the country along with hundreds of guests join up each year for this exciting two day event. 

The Culinary Ability Awards was created to give Chefs from all over the country the chance to compete against each other. It provides the perfect platform to raise awareness with potential employers and gives a stronger voice and accreditation to those wishing to be recognised within the hospitality industry.

The Chefs, fully kitted in uniform, represented Nua with distinction and made quite the impression with their vast array of high quality dishes. Tina Fee made a mouth-watering Chicken Curry. Simon Lee, who smiled and laughed with delight and enjoyment through the entire event, masterminded a fabulous plate of Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Sophie Cunningham served up her own special dish of sizzling Chicken Prawn, described by many as ‘amazing’ while Shane Doyle presented a beautiful Spanish Chorizo Pasta dish with Garlic Bread.

When we caught up with Nua Healthcare’s participants after the event, Simon Lee described his experience as ‘something he would remember for a long time’ and his family will be really proud of him. Tina Fee wanted to thank everyone for their help and felt a real sense of achievement adding that ‘it was great getting a certificate’.  Tina hopes to enhance her culinary talent by getting a job in this area of work in the future.

Sophie Cunningham was no stranger to the event as this year marked her second year of participation. As a result Sophie has gained invaluable experience and has many great memories.  “I’ve been involved in running a restaurant before but this experience tops it all! I hope in the future that I will work in the cheffing business”, said Sophie.

Shane Doyle was thrilled to see so many happy people at the event adding that this was a fantastic opportunity for him.  “I really enjoyed myself, the hard work paid off”.

On behalf of everyone at Nua Healthcare, we would like to congratulate all participants for their hard work and preparation. We would also like to extend our thanks to the RDS staff for all of their help throughout the entire CADEX event and a special thanks to the Nua team leaders and the house staff for supporting our residents traveling to and from the event, helping them to prepare and for their ongoing assistance to Sophie, Shane, Simon and Tina. Well done all.

For photos from the event please visit the Nua Facebook page. If you would like to find out more about The Culinary Ability Awards, you can visit