Posted on: 01 Dec 2021

SERVICE USER ACHIEVEMENTS: Monthly Awards - November 2021


The Winner is Daniel!

Daniel was choosen as the very worthy winner of the Service User of the Month Award for November 2021. 

Since Daniel's admission to one of Nua's centres in August 2021, he has achieved so much. When he first arrived he was a very quiet and shy young man, he would ring his mother if there was something bothering him. Now Dan approaches staff to ask for their support. When he first arrived, he was being supported with education through Fairgreen Day Service, due to his anxiety towards the social aspect of his life. However, in October 2021, Daniel started school locally where he has progressed more and more each day and has advised staff that he enjoys going to school.

Daniel loves baking in school. His teachers have reported that he is extremely good at it and needs very little support and follows recipes very well. Daniel has a love for animals and has a pet cat in his family home. He looks forward to family access so he can spend time with his pet at weekends. Daniel deserves to win the Service User of the Month award as he has achieved all of his monthly outcomes since he arrived. In summer 2021, Daniel also took part in C.A.N (Cottage Autism Network), participating in soccer fun days. Again, this was a big achievement for Daniel as he works on improving his interaction with others. The management and team are very proud of Daniel's achievements and would like to congratulate him on winning Service User of the Month. He is delighted with this news.

From everyone in Nua Healthcare, we would like to congratulate Daniel on becoming Nua's Service User of the Month for November 2021.