Posted on: 24 Jan 2021

SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS: Who we supported in 2020 and beyond

Who we supported in 2020 and beyond

We take a look back at those we supported and future fundraising.

Every year, Nua Healthcare is proud to support, where possible, those in need, and 2020 was no exception. Between the company and staff members in Nua, we have supported so many deserving charities and organisations. We take a look back at the past year and although we experienced difficult and uncertain times, it was perhaps more important than ever to support those in need.

Well done to each and every one of the staff members who fundraised for various organisations. Below are some of those who were helped along the way. Special thanks to the staff of Broadleaf Manor, staff in Teach Folláine, Colm Skehan, Richard Wasik, Patrick Kelly, Stephen Doran, Steven Feehan, Emma Brophy and Sean Wall.